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It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Business Support Partners (BSP) and specifically Laura Chirichigno. BSP worked for Richland Towers in Tampa, Florida on two engagements from 2009 to 2010. BSP provided interim financial controllership services and assisted in a system conversion.

BSP first covered for a key employee out on family leave, and then provided full scope interim controllership during a transition the company made from divisional centralized financial organizational structure. BSP quickly picked up workflow and delivered timely to expectations. BSP made a strong contribution to the company and provided vital coverage, while also improving several key operating processes.

During their time with Richland, BSP strengthened the workflow for our closing process, intercompany reconciliation and complex property tax calculation. BSP was committed to timely, accurate, and thorough work, and dealt with high volume periods with a positive attitude and perseverance.

Towards the end of the engagement, BSP assisted in a major system upgrade, followed by a transfer of business systems, IT and data to the central headquarters location. BSP met every commitment reliably.

I would recommend BSP as a reliable and positive service provider.

- John Fallers, CFO

Richland Investments

Working with Business Support Partners has been great! They are very professional, organized, and thorough. I love that they truly care about our business and they are right here in my local area. I’m not just an account number to them, I’m a small business owner that they treat with great care and respect. I would highly recommend their services from payroll to taxes. Thanks BSP!

- Mitze Richeson, Office Manager

Cypress Creek Chiropractic & Wellness

I was looking for a company that could provide the intelligent services which I needed to give me the support in payroll, report filing with the state and federal governments so that I could devote more of my time to working on the business, building the business and gaining a competitive edge. I found a company that I felt was committed to serve me in the way that I serve my clients. And that was very important. You not only want people who are trained and professional, you’ve got to find somebody committed and willing to do it right the first time.

- Anthony Olivito, Owner

Paverworks, Inc.

BSP has done a great job for Bandes Construction Company, Co. In a little more than a day a week, BSP oversees my entire accounting department. This job was formerly held by a full time comptroller. But BSP brings more to the table than just accounting. They have expertise in insurance, taxes, personnel, and cash management. BSP has saved my company thousands of dollars by managing our insurance program. They also have contacts throughout the industry which brings added value to their service. BSP is professional, courteous, and responsive. I recommend them without reservation.

- Robert Bandes, President

Bandes Construction Company, Inc.

Stellar Development started in 2007, in one of the most difficult economies since the great depression in a business that had been hit the hardest.  We began with 2 employees and one project and did not have the ability to bring someone on full time to assist in our financial needs.  As we began to grow, we knew that we need someone that could get us on the right track from the start and help us get to the next level.  Business Support Partners did just that.  They have allowed us to have a CFO on staff, but without the full time employee price tag.  As a small growing business, we could not afford a seasoned CFO to be part of our organization, however BSP has provided these services and organized our firm to allow us to grow and maintain profitability.  They were able to assist with our bonding needs, our financial reporting needs and most of all our strategic planning needs so that we may continue to grow with a solid foundation.  They have been such an integral part of our success and our ability to grow, that in 2010 we were recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as the #1 Fastest Growing Company with a 1076% financial rate of growth over the past three years. 

- Maurice Opstal, President

Stellar Development, Inc.

A good financial planner absolutely has to have a good tax person or a tax advisor on staff or someone that’s available on a regular basis. That’s accessible when I’m with a client, that I can call if I’ve got a tax question or perhaps if I’m going to make an investment for that client I need to talk to that tax advisor to see if it’s the right investment. BSP is always available for me to do that and so without question it helps my business immensely.

- Howard Baughnman, Owner

Baughman Financial Group

B.S.P. have been handling my payroll since the first day I opened my office. The staff at B.S.P. is very professional and knowledgeable. They respond to any questions you have in a very timely manner. I know that as my practice grows, so will my relationship with B.S.P.”

- Jorge L. Santana, D.C.

1 Spine Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

I would recommend BSP without hesitation for administrative support. They have done a fantastic job managing the administrative aspects of my business, saving me both time and money. They are extremely reliable, and constantly exceed my expectations. With BSP, I never have to worry about tasks being completed correctly or on time. They always manage to complete tasks better than expected, and on time or ahead of schedule.

- Jay Taylor, President/CEO

Leverage Digital Media, Inc.

They’re focused. That’s really an important part of why I would tell somebody you may want to look at this if you’re in a small, medium business. Their day is how effective can they be and what can they get accomplished in the time frame that they have. I’m not looking at a full 40 hour you know benefits and insurances, etc. an employee on staff but I’m getting as much production as if I had that individual at half the cost.

- Manny Cardozo, CEO

Bell, LLC

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